Good Relationships - Good Coffee


I establish the direct contact between coffee producers from Colombia and roasters from all over the world, not serving as a trader but more as a communicator in a confusing and complex market situation.


Relating the coffee producer (ideally a small scale farm with excellent coffee and a special micro climate) and the roaster, that gives the coffee a final touch, will be able to enter a whole new track with respect of a long term and customer oriented collaboration.


We visit coffee farms and analyze the situation of the producers, who are most of the times the weakest element in the otherwise so rich value chain of coffee.

There is a story behind every coffee, that is hidden for the final consumer in most of the cases.

The coffee project offers among other things the following advantages,


for producers:

fair, direct payment

direct feedback by the final consumer

establishment of long term relationships

development/improvements of the production processes


for roasters:

exclusive supply of excellent beans, without unnecessary trade channels

the transparent relationship to the producer as a brilliant marketing tool

direct influence of eventual future changes in cultivation/fermentation processes