Who is Frédéric?

The goal to bring coffee closer towards the customer: 


With educational trainings, trips to Colombia and Green coffee trade is how I get involved into the world of specialty coffee. 


In 2014 I slid into the coffee scene, first as a consumer of fine coffees as a regular costumer in several specialty coffee bars in Cologne, Germany, later I visited – coincidentally – a coffee farm during a trip through Colombia. Then, a new chapter began: 


After an extensive research for my final thesis at university with the topic „Specialty Coffee: A Cultural And Economic Overview Of The Coffee Market” after a short time it became clear to me, that it turned into my professional future. 


Coffee trade is not an easy thing: After completing many courses and visiting Colombia many times, the first coffees were sent to Germany in December 2018. 


Since then we shipped about 15 tons of finest coffees from the south of Colombia directly to small roasters in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Slovakia.


Plurilateral Solutions – that’s the small business that I founded in early 2017. 



Taking the decision to risk money and time in order to create new business opportunities, to travel and speak to many people, to learn as much as possible on our path.


Coffee is science.

Coffee is botany, meteorology, physics and chemistry. 

Coffee is education.


The biggest motivation is the countryside.

The coffee business starts and ends on the fields. The colonialism is over, we create business opportunities with traceability, transparency and sustainability.