Coffee in Colombia - Live the experience

One week coffee trip in the South of Colombia - Huila, epicenter of Specialty Coffees

The first contact with the plant



Coffee is a plant - It's about time that you get to know each other personally. 

We take half day to examine the coffee tree very carefully. 


Picking, pulping, fermenting...


We go all the way with you: How do you pick correctly? 

What's the correct grade of ripeness? 

Where and how do we separate the bean from the cherry? 

How do we ferment?

How do we wash and dry? 

Get to know different farms


The producers in Colombia are, generally speaking,   technically very advanced but each and every Finca is different. 

We show you small and big productions, quantity, quality and those producers with exotic varieties. 


Huila region has a lot to offer: Apart from common varieties as Castillo and Colombia, Huila offers the largest diversity  of  Arabica varieties, some of those we will discover and study more carefully.

Feel Colombia


Eat and drink like the locals! After your trip to Colombia you're not only coffee experts, but also more confident with exotic fruits that are, compared to  Europe or US, way more accessible in Colombia. 

Cuppings (Coffee tastings)



Our approach is different than conventional coffee tourism. We try and analyze the coffees of the same farms that we are visiting during our trip. Produced by the farmers that you will get to know. 

Here you will notice and learn how to appreciate freshness of the coffees as an important factor. 


Old School Coffee Roasting


How is coffee being processed and roasted traditionally? 


In San Agustín we visit Coffee Mujer - A women's cooperative that has been established three years ago to support local women that work with coffee. 





Besides coffee we explore the region together. We will dedicate two full days to the town of San Agustín and the surroundings. With a horse ride to one of the most important archeological sites of South America, always accompanied by a professional tour guide. 

Duration & Details


Four days coffee-tour: Fincas, Cuppings and Workshop. 

Local insurance for the complete duration of the stay. 

Transport with Toyota Fortuner & VW Transporter 


Minimum participation: 4 persons 


Travel perdiod: July - September 

Dates can be adjusted individually for closed groups. 




Complete package: 2000€ 



- Transport and Transfers for all days 

- Accommodation 

- Lunch 

- Visits and Workshops

- Snacks 


Not included: 

- Flights 

- Dinner 




You're interested? Here you can find more details!

Target Group

Coffee professionals, roasters, coffee shop owners and coffee lovers


We move in a modern, comfortable off-road vehicle, since we’re on the road quite a lot and don’t want to save on that. For sure we could find a cheaper option but that would not be a good option according to our experience. 


The hotel has been consciously chosen, it is quiet but central and very clean. We could also obviously sleep on coffee farms, but due to our tight schedule it’s very important for you to sleep well at night and start over fit into the next day! 


You should travel with a common travel insurance, just in case it could come to an unexpected visit at the doctors. 

During our trips in the car there’s a special insurance for every passenger. Just in case.

Additional costs

During the day there are no big additional costs for you. The exchange rate is mostly stable, no unexpected surprises.

To withdraw cash is absolutely no problem with the most common debit and credit cards.


All farms that we visit are real coffee farms, no show or touristic set ups. Every coffee farmer you’ll meet will be more than glad to answer you any question you have always had about coffee.


You’ll have your breakfast as you wish, the accommodation as such does not provide breakfast but in very close proximity you will find very nice and cheap options. 

Since we’re starting our days quite early, we will certainly have breakfast one the road one time or another.

Same counts for dinner: Depending at what time we get back home at night, we decide spontaneously about dinner. 

Most of the times we get loads of food on the road (Colombians often show their hospitality in form of an invitation to a meal). 

We always take care of lunch. 

South America is culinarily well known for its orientation towards animal protein but vegetarians for sure will be full and happy, so don’t worry for that!


Frédéric is always around with you in Colombia, due to is long experience in tourism and as a tour guide he is very well prepared.


Colombia is Spanish speaking and mostly it’s not that easy to get along without it. 

With great pleasure Frédéric translates all of your questions apart of the general explanations.


Frédéric is traveling many years to Colombia, he has never experienced anything unsafe. Of course, South America is not Europe or the US, that means that you need to know where to be with whom at what time of the day. Of course there will be a briefing on your arrival but we won’t be facing unsafe situations at any time.


There are all kinds of doctors and several hospitals in Pitalito, in close proximity to the accommodation. 

If you require constant medical assistance, it would be better not to do the trip, since our days are very long.


The Prices are including VAT 19% 

We explicitly advise that we offer the complete package as a Workshop, not as a travel activity, since we are not the tour operator.

Tour operator is Arqueoecotour San Agustín NIT. 12141268-5 RNT No 49586




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